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Adrian is Lolo Calorie's bodyguard. He is frequently the person who helps Lolo get what she wants, by dealing with the people who are in her way.

His voice actor is unknown due to vague crediting.

As Lolo's Bodyguard

Adrian's full-time job is being the appointed bodyguard of Lolo. However, he acts more like a well-trained attack dog. Whenever Lolo wants something done her way, she sends Adrian out to fight, persuade, or simply shove away the person stopping her. (He will even fight a crocodile, as seen in Escape From Beverly Beverly High.)

Adrian is always available to Lolo, at any time, even if it means stopping work that Lolo already forced him to do. He does everything from fighting possible threats to organizing Lolo's election campaigns.

He does have a mind of his own, and has been seen, on occasion, to defy Lolo's wishes. However, this is incredibly infrequent.