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Bad Publicity is the thirty-third episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on September 7, 2013, along with Soccer Star.


When Sandy Fleckenlips, a big-time Hollywood publicist, discovers Spencer and vows to make him famous, Billy sees his buddy getting the star treatment and becomes insanely jealous. Desperate for the public adoration (and free stuff) he had when he was a star, Billy makes himself visible to Sandy and insists that she take him on as a client too. Sandy has big ideas about how to make a splash with a ghost, but they’re very different from what Billy had in mind. Can he escape from this woman who refuses to take no for an answer?


The episode opens with Billy sliding on what appears to be a simple jungle gym. Suddenly, the jungle gym transforms into a robot, with Spencer and Rajeev revealed to be at the controls and Spencer shooting a film. The robot begins moving with Billy riding on top of it. The roof then breaks off and Rajeev is struggling to control the robot. Spencer steps in and manages to bring the robot to a halt, and Billy places the roof back on top. Spencer remarks that he still needs to work out the kinks.

A woman steps onto the scene and says that she saw what happened from her office across the street. She then introduces herself as Sandy Fleckenlips and offers to be Spencer’s publicist, promising to make him famous. Billy excitedly insists that Spencer take the offer, but Spencer initially turns her down, saying he’s not sure if he needs a publicist or wants fame, shocking and disappointing Billy. As Spencer walks away, she asks him if he wants his movies to be seen by billions. Billy goes to Spencer and insists that “destiny is knocking” and that Spencer should accept her offer, which Spencer then does.

The scene changes to Spencer and Billy eating breakfast. Jessica bursts onto the scene demanding to know why Spencer didn’t tell her that he was dating teen celebrity Serena Poppins, waving a tabloid in his face. She reads aloud that the two of them were spotted “canoodling” together. Spencer seems confused until Billy explains that it’s a PR stunt designed to get Spencer attention. Spencer then turns around to see a paparazzi photographer outside the window, with Jessica looking out and remarking that Spencer is “totally famous” and that she was kinda famous too. Spencer, annoyed, then covers up the window.

In the next scene, Spencer is riding in Sandy’s car (Billy in the backseat) while she’s telling him that its time for his first public appearance. She stops at a pet store, introducing Spencer to the people gathered out from that Spencer is a new A-list director and Serena Poppins’ boyfriend. They recognize Spencer, and an irritated Billy remarks that if they could see him, they would be way more excited. Sandy quietly accepts a cash bribe from the store owner and tells Spencer how famous he’s becoming, speeding off with him and leaving an awestruck Billy behind. She takes Spencer to various other locations with people waiting to see him, accepting more cash bribes in the background. Billy, still irritated, watches from a distance.

At the WiFri, Spencer points out that Billy seems upset. Billy angrily expresses that everyone is paying attention to Spencer and not him, and Spencer asks why anyone would be interested in “yesterday’s news” compared to the next big thing. Rajeev walks in with a magazine and informs Spencer that he’s “blowing up huge,” showing him a spread of candid photos of him. Billy grabs the magazine and remarks that he was with Spencer when the photos were taken, Rajeev reminds him that he’s invisible, and Billy dismisses them before disappearing through the wall. Spencer says that Billy’s only jealous, and that he can’t blame him.

Back at the Cobra Mansion, Hugh answers the door to a delivery man dropping off a package for Serena Poppins’ boyfriend, which Spencer steps in to accept. The delivery man brings in more presents, and Billy makes a snide comment about Spencer’s popularity. Hugh discovers that one of the gifts is an invitation to a red-carpet premiere. Hugh says that Spencer is too young, but Spencer bribes him with another one of the gifts, butterscotch chocolate s’mores. Spencer opens more gifts, and Billy proclaims that he can’t take it anymore, but Spencer brushes him off. Billy starts dejectedly floating off, Spencer asks where he’s going, and Billy answers “nowhere fast.”

At Sandy’s office, she is interrupted during a phone call by a floating guitar and ring. The ring floats onto her finger and Billy introduces himself as he fades into view. Billy says that although he’s a ghost, he hasn’t lost any of his “Cobra magic.” Sandy says that she is a huge fan and compliments Billy’s appearance. Billy informs her that he’s ready to make a comeback and wants her as his publicist, to which she agrees.

At the WiFri, Spencer gives Shanilla his gift engraved MP3 player and Rajeev the bath and body lotion. Billy shows up and tells the trio that big things will be happening for him and that he has to get to a meeting before flying off through the roof. Spencer starts dialing on his phone, and when asked by Rajeev who he was calling claims that he wants to use his star power. He is revealed to be calling Serena Poppins, introducing himself as her boyfriend and telling her that he wants her in his newest movie. Serena tells him that she believes it wouldn’t be good for the relationship, upon which Spencer reminds her that there is no relationship. She is confused, asking him if he’s seen the latest publications about them together before bidding him goodbye and hanging up. Spencer says that he doesn’t need her and points out that he’s famous on his own.

Back at Sandy’s office, Billy is discussing his comeback plans with her, one of which is movie appearances. She remarks that such a thing will be hard because Billy is invisible to most people. She offers him a tour instead, which he gladly accepts. She then remarks that although Billy Joe Cobra is cool, what the world really wants to see is a ghost. She tells Billy that he will be put onstage with the audience seeing a floating guitar playing itself and Billy, teary-eyed, laments that people won’t even know that it’s him. She says there’s no room for egos, to which Billy angrily barks that there’s no room for him and begins to leave. Sandy is then revealed to have a ghost containment unit and tells Billy that he will make her rich. When a shocked Billy asks where she got it, she informs him that it was “Ghoul Bay” and sucks him in, laughing maniacally.

In the next scene, Spencer and Rajeev are trying once again to activate the jungle gym robot and film it. A crowd suddenly gathers around Spencer, demanding his attention. Spencer apprehensively informs them that he’s working and asks them to step away and be quiet. A bus full of tourists then pulls up and the tour guide points out Spencer to the passengers. Spencer expresses that he’s been a tool bag and storms off, asking Rajeev to follow him to go see Sandy. When Rajeev asks why, Spencer says that he plans to fire her and that if he can’t make his movies, there’s no point in being famous. Rajeev calls after him asking about the body lotions.

Spencer meets up with Sandy on the sidewalk outside her office building, saying that they need to talk. He then notices Billy inside the ghost containment unit and demands that she let him out. Sandy pretends she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, looks inside the ghost containment unit and Billy, and fakes being scared before getting in her car and beginning to drive off. Spencer nervously looks around until he notices the jungle gym robot in the distance. The robot is then revealed to be chasing Sandy’s car while holding Spencer. Looking back, Sandy says that Spencer’s special effects don’t scare her. Spencer then crashes the robot into her car, causing the ghost containment unit to fly out of it, which Spencer then grabs and frees Billy.

Billy removes Sandy’s ring, causing him to fade from her view. Spencer then verbally fires her. Sandy then insists that she’ll inform the world about Billy Joe Cobra, to which Spencer replies that maybe another publicist will want to represent him. She then dismisses him and Billy kicks her car, sending it rolling down the street away from them. Billy thanks Spencer, who expresses that he’s glad the PR thing was over, saying it wasn’t good for either of them. Billy then inquires what Spencer meant about finding another publicist, to which Spencer makes an annoyed face before Billy casually says that he was just asking and the episode ends.