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Billy Blob is the sixteenth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on February 24, 2013, along with Billy Do Joe.


Billy becomes obsessed with gum-chewing, and when his ghostly ectoplasm mixes with bubblegum, a giant bubble he blows come to life. Spencer thinks this is pretty cool and decides to make a horror movie – “The Blob” – about the bubble. But as obsessed Billy chews more and more gum, the Blob gets bigger and more out of control, and eventually swallows Rajeev, Lolo and the rest of Spencer’s family. Can Spencer stop the ever-growing monster from consuming the whole town?


At the WiFri, Billy mixes together a strange drink to give to Spencer, having promised it would taste like cola. When Spencer drinks it and gags, Billy laughs at him for being gullible. Buck hands Spencer a container of gum to help take the taste away, and Spencer urgently takes some. Spencer gets out his tablet and looks at the online reactions to his newest film. He notices that they’re overwhelmingly negative and that people don’t seem to like zombies in his movies. Billy, meanwhile, tries some of the gum. Spencer responds to the comments saying that he will post a zombie-free movie by the end of the day. He notices that Billy is enthusiastically chewing a large amount of gum and learns that Billy has never had gum before because he had people chew it for him.

Spencer is sitting at his computer, trying to come up with an idea for a non-zombie movie with little success. Billy is loudly chewing gum in the background, which gets the attention of Spencer. Billy once again remarks how much he loves chewing gum and Spencer tells him to quiet down so he can think. When Billy doesn’t slow down, Spencer tries to take the gum from him, and Billy swallows the gum and begins choking. As Spencer helps him, a large bubble comes out of Billy’s mouth. Billy says that he’s not in control of the bubble as it flops around. Spencer figures that the bubble must have gotten ectoplasm in it when Billy choked on it and says that it will be the subject of his new movie, “The Blob.” He tells Billy to follow him and get more gum, even as Billy reminds him that Spencer had previously called it “out of control.”

Spencer is filming Rajeev interacting with the blob and insists that it’s still not big enough. He tells Billy to chew more gum, but Billy reveals that there’s no more left. Rajeev then gives Billy some spicy-hot gum and Billy begins to chew it, feelings its effects. The blob changes and continues to grow as Spencer excitedly films it. Spencer doesn’t notice the blob swallow Rajeev. Rajeev, inside the blob, tries to call Spencer’s cellphone, but Spencer doesn’t answer. He ponders who else to call for help and goes for Lolo. She says she’ll help him if he buys her a car, and he hastily agrees before she hangs up. Spencer thinks that Rajeev has gone to the WiFri and goes to confront him there, telling Billy to keep chewing and find more gum to make the blob even bigger. Spencer notices that the blob is getting aggressive and tells Billy not to let it escape. When Spencer leaves, the blob detaches itself from Billy’s mouth and begins roaming on its own.

Billy leaves to get more gum and Lolo arrives in her limo with Adrian, telling him to get Rajeev out of the blob so they can leave. The blob swallows Adrian and when Lolo goes up to it to figure out what was taking him so long, it swallows her too. She yells at Rajeev to get her out of there, but Rajeev insists that they pass the time by getting to know each other, aggravating Lolo. Billy wanders the streets, searching for gum. The Wrights drive home and notice the blob growing ever bigger. The blob then swallows their car with them inside. Hugh announces that he’s claustrophobic and will begin speaking in a Swedish accent if he doesn’t get out soon, which he insists that the others don’t want to hear. When Rajeev makes an advance at Lolo, Adrian sticks him to the wall. The blob continues to grow bigger.

Spencer arrives at the WiFri and, not seeing Rajeev, finds Shanilla. He asks her where Rajeev is and she tells him that she thought he was with Spencer. Then Spencer turns toward the TV as the news is covering the emergence of the blob and it having swallowed Lolo and the Wrights. Spencer walks outside to find Billy chewing on a car tire and tells him to stop. As he pulls Billy away, he says that everything is his fault for getting Billy addicted to chewing gum. He tells Billy hat happened with the blob and that they have to stop it, once again pulling Billy away as he tries to chew a wad of gum off the street.

As Spencer rides his bike home, he calls Rajeev and tells him they’ll get him out of there. Rajeev doesn’t seem bothered, but Lolo takes his phone from him and yells at Spencer to get her out. Billy and Spencer try to attack the blob unsuccessfully, and Billy says that he’s definitely over chewing gum. Spencer then realizes that the solution is for Billy to chew the blob. When Billy refuses, Spencer reminds him that the blob came from Billy’s ectoplasm and so only he can stop it. Billy reluctantly agrees and chews up the entire blob, freeing those trapped inside in the process. Jane announces that Jessica won her karate tournament and Hugh chimes in, speaking with a Swedish accent. Rajeev tells Lolo that they’ll have a cool story to tell their kids, but Lolo tells him he owes her a car and rides off in her limo. Rajeev tells Spencer off for “ruining his date.”

Later that night in Spencer’s room, he and Billy talk about how it’s too bad Spencer couldn’t make a proper film with the blob. Spencer is surprised to discover that his followers thought the blob was a special effect and the best one Spencer had ever made. Billy says “you’re welcome” and Spencer apologizes for making him chew all the gum. Billy assures him that he’s broken the habit and reveals his new habit of chewing his fingernails. The pile of Billy’s chewed-off fingernail clippings takes on a humanoid form and runs away. Spencer runs after it, telling Billy to get his camera and call Rajeev as Billy chuckles excitedly and the episode ends.