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Due to vandalism from anonymous users, an account is now required to make edits. Please log in or sign up if you wish to contribute to this wiki.



  • No swearing.
  • No use of language that is offensive or derogatory towards marginalized groups.


  • Be nice to other users. Do not use personal insults against other users. If someone is bothering you, please take it up to an administrator to resolve the issue.
  • In line with the above rule, trolling is not allowed. Upsetting others and then claiming it was "ironic" will not work as an excuse here.


  • No inappropriate content. Keep in mind this is a children's show with a younger audience.
  • No fanart. Fan content is only allowed in your user page, blog posts, or discussion board posts. If it is not your original work, you must provide credit and have permission from the artist to use it. Vague statements such as "credit to the artist" without any indication as to who the artist actually is do not count.
  • No spamming. This rule speaks for itself. Do not spam edits or comments.
  • No edit wars. If you and another user have a disagreement on an article, take it to the talk page and discuss it.
  • No one-line or unnecessary pages. Any pages made that violate this rule will be deleted, and the user that created the page will be warned.
  • Do not recreate deleted articles or categories. Please do not recreate deleted articles and/or categories without an administrator's approval. If this act happens under an admin's nose, the editor responsible will be warned and the article and/or category will be deleted. If you believe an article/category was deleted in error or as an act of vandalism, inform an admin instead of recreating it.