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For The Birds is the twenty-sixth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on May 5, 2013.


A fundraiser to benefit Principal Ponzi’s pet charity – building air-conditioned birdhouses for homeless birds – pits Spencer against Lolo to see who can sell the most candy. The stakes couldn’t be higher: the winner will get a massive supply of consumer electronics while the loser will be humiliated on the game show “Losers on Parade.” With all of her connections, Lolo has the clear advantage, but Billy vows to help Spencer win. Can Spencer find a way to triumph despite both these handicaps?


Spencer is on the pool deck at the Cobra mansion, watching Billy roller blade around the water slide. Spencer then gets an idea to make a movie about roller-blading zombies. Billy says that it’s a good idea but needs more “awesome sauce” and suggest it be about headless roller-blading zombies. He demonstrates by tucking in his head and blading around, eventually crashing into Spencer and causing Spencer’s camera to fall into the pool. Billy pops his head back up, sees Spencer staring at his camera as it sinks into the water, and looks guilty. Spencer informs Billy that his camera is gone and asks how he’s supposed to make movies now. Billy suggests Spencer find a new hobby and lists some examples. When Spencer suggests “ghost strangling” Billy says they should keep thinking.

At Beverly Beverly High, the student body is gathered in the auditorium. Spencer rushes in and sits in the first empty seat he finds, shocking everyone because it’s Lolo’s seat, as she informs Spencer. She gestures to Adrian, who throws Spencer out of the seat, causing him to land onstage in front of Principal Ponzi. Spencer quickly gets up and rushes to sit with Rajeev. Ponzi announces that he loves all birds, and puts on a sad slideshow demonstrating how most birds are “forced to sleep outside,” so the school will be doing a candy drive to raise money for them. Spencer questions if Ponzi's being for real, meanwhile Billy cries out of sympathy for the birds. Ponzi continues by saying that the money will build luxury condos for birds and as an added incentive, the winner will get one hour to go around a tech store and grab whatever they want, with one of the items shown being Spencer’s camera. Before Ponzi can finish asking who wants to participate, Spencer raises his hand. Ponzi asks who else and Lolo volunteers. Lolo tells Spencer that she doesn’t even want the prize and only wishes to take it from him, and Spencer challenges her. Ponzi then adds that whoever loses will be on the TV show “Losers on Parade,” and multiple students discuss the embarrassing actions that participants on the show had been forced into.

Spencer drags a wagon containing a large amount of candy along the sidewalk and informs Billy that they will have to work hard to beat Lolo. Billy tells him not to worry since he’ll be in Spencer’s “corner.” Billy then tries to pull some candy out from the middle of the pile, causing the top half to fall on top of Spencer before uttering “oops.” Lolo then rides by in her limo shouting “later, loser” at Spencer. Billy lifts the fallen candy back onto the wagon with Spencer on top of it. Billy tells him again not to worry and reminds him that he has multiple platinum albums that he earned by working for them. Spencer remarks that he’s right and Billy makes his first suggestion: outdoor advertising. The two fly above the town on Billy’s jet and Spencer announces to observers to buy candy for him in support of birds. In the cockpit, Spencer complains that the plane’s sound system doesn’t work, and Billy makes a panicked Spencer take the plane’s controls as he goes out to fix it. Billy attempts to fix the plane's loudspeaker but gets shocked by it several times. Spencer then breaks the plane’s controls, and the two scream as the plane plummets. Billy holds on to Spencer as the two use a parachute to float to the ground. Spencer reminds Billy that he doesn’t have to hold onto him, but Billy timidly mutters that he hates heights. Spencer once again reminds him that he’s a ghost and won’t get hurt if they fall.

Lolo, in her swimming pool, is on the phone with her father, demanding that he sell the candy for her because she’s “busy.” On the street in front of the WiFri, which is decorated for a party, Billy informs Spencer that a good way to get publicity is to throw a celebrity party. A limo pulls up and Rajeev emerges. Spencer believes that Rajeev is coming to his party, but Rajeev informs him that he actually went to Lolo’s party and is retrieving some ice for it. Spencer gives him the ice – by dumping it on his head, but Rajeev still sincerely thanks him and the limo drives off. Spencer turns around to find Billy gone and then receives a phone call from Billy saying that he’s at Lolo’s party and that it’s awesome. Looking very dissatisfied, Spencer hangs up.

The next day, Spencer and Billy are walking down the street and Billy apologizes, citing Spencer’s party as being lame. Spencer angrily reminds Billy of his promise to be in Spencer’s corner, and Billy says that he has another idea to get Spencer publicity. He then breaks through the window of a store and places a bag full of items in Spencer’s arms. Billy informs Spencer that the method he had in mind was getting arrested and that it had always worked for him. The police then pull up and arrest Spencer. Later in Spencer’s room, Jane yells at him that he is super grounded and leaves as Spencer tries to explain. Spencer asks Billy for more ideas, but cuts him off when he begins to respond, saying that Billy’s ideas are banned. Spencer tries to think of ways to get around being grounded and talks into a megaphone out his window, telling anyone outside to buy candy to support the birds. A delivery guy pulls up and expresses interest. Billy offers to deliver the candy to him, but scares the guy off when the candy box appears to be floating.

Spencer gives up and shuts the window. Billy remarks that the real tragedy is that they never got to help the birds. Spencer dismisses him, but then finds Billy floating above him, playing the keytar and singing a song about the birds. Spencer begins to feel sympathy for birds but then wonders why. Billy explains that it's the power of music, his music to be exact. Spencer gets an idea and the two go to Billy’s studio. Spencer tries to record himself singing, but Billy stops him when it doesn’t sound good. Billy then offers to help and appears to detach his mouth and put it onto Spencer’s face. Spencer realizes that this has given him Billy’s singing abilities and records a song about helping the birds by buying candy from him. The song is heard all over and affects everyone who hears it, even Ponzi.

In the school auditorium, Ponzi is about to announce who sold the most candy. Lolo is convinced it was her, but Spencer denies her, and she fires back that she got her father to buy the whole candy factory and so she was the winner. As she and Adrian start to dance in victory, she gets a phone call from her father, from which she learns that he didn’t buy the factory because he was moved by a song he heard about helping the birds. She yells at him and hangs up, and Adrian joins Spencer in his own victory dance. Spencer goes to receive the check from Ponzi, who is reluctant to let it go until Billy helps Spencer to yank it out of his hands. Ponzi falls to the floor, his toupee falling off.

Later at the mansion, Spencer is holding his new camera as he and Billy watch Lolo get humiliated on “Losers on Parade,” laughing at her and fist bumping triumphantly.