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House of Horrors is the thirty-eighth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on September 14, 2013, along with House Haunts.


Spencer and Billy make the Cobra mansion into a Halloween haunted house in order to win a contest, but things take a terrifying turn when Billy's amplified fear transforms the house into something truly scary.


Spencer and Billy are walking down the street as Spencer shows Billy his new “snaggletooth” app, which Billy finds hilarious. Suddenly, Billy backs into a monster statue and gets scared by it, screaming and wrapping himself around Spencer in fear. Spencer explains that it’s only a Halloween decoration and Billy nervously asks if Spencer will want to decorate the Cobra mansion for the holiday. Spencer argues that “Halloween is for amateurs” until he notices a poster advertising a haunted house competition in which the grand prize is getting to work with famous special effects artist Nancy Bigelow on her next movie. Spencer tells Billy that it’s now about more than just Halloween, and Billy agrees to let him decorate the mansion as long as there are no ghosts since they “creep [him] out.”

In the garage, Spencer is detailing his plans to Billy and insists that Billy be part of the haunted house since he’s an actual ghost. Billy asks why Hugh can’t do it and Spencer answers that his parents were taking Jessica to a Halloween party. As Billy begins to leave, Spence mentions that he was going to name and design the haunted house after Billy, drawing Billy back in and making him agree to be part of it. As Spencer and Billy are constructing the haunted house, Rajeev is observing from outside. Lolo pulls up in her limo and asks Rajeev what his friend is doing. Rajeev hesitates because he doesn’t think that Spencer would want him to tell her until she offers him a ride with her and the lovestruck Rajeev gives in. Lolo only allows him to be in the limo for a few seconds before dumping him on the street, claiming that she didn’t specify how long the ride was going to be.

As people queue up outside the Cobra mansion, Spencer is inside showing Billy the grand finale of the haunted house, where guests will walk across a rug made from Billy’s clothes and thus be able to see him. Billy gets very excited and is relieved that it won’t be scary until Spencer demonstrates an effect of a fake cobra coming down from the ceiling that makes Billy scream. Spencer hears helicopter blades from outside and goes out to watch as Lolo’s own haunted house is dropped right beside the mansion and all the prospective guests run to it instead. As Nancy Bigelow arrives, Lolo descends from her helicopter and she and Spencer vie for Ms. Bigelow’s attention before Lolo ultimately wins out and she goes toward Lolo's haunted house first. Spencer asks Lolo since when she cares about special effects and Lolo answers since Rajeev told her Spencer’s plans. Rajeev hastily tries to apologize to an exasperated Spencer as Lolo sends Adrian into Spencer’s haunted house to dismantle it. Billy notices him go in and makes himself be brave in order to follow after him.

Inside, Billy notices Adrian crouch down onto the rug made from his clothes and open up a breaker box. Billy is unsure of what to do before he realizes that the rug will allow Adrian to see him and then yells at Adrian to stop what he’s doing. When Adrian turns back around and sees Billy, both scream and Adrian watches in horror as Billy is thrown back against the wall and gets slowly absorbed by it. As Billy is being absorbed, a menacing aura is cast upon the entire house as the prospective guests watch from outside and then excitedly run back to the mansion. Spencer remarks that the effect must be intentional by Billy to support him. Meanwhile, Billy is completely swallowed up by the wall.

Spencer welcomes Ms. Bigelow into the mansion as Rajeev blocks more guests from following after her, explaining that it’s a “private tour.” Billy emerges into the freaky tiki room wall and tries to console himself that his favorite room of the house couldn’t be scary until a spider appears and terrifies him, prompting him to sink back into the wall. As Spencer shows Ms. Bigelow into the house, a ghostly effect in the shape of Billy’s face floats passed them, appearing to impress her. Spencer whispers to Billy to keep it up as they continue walking. Suddenly, several spiders drop down onto Ms. Bigelow and she expresses how realistic they are before realizing that they are in fact real and becomes scared. Spencer pulls her into the elevator and tries to pass the spiders off as a special effect before the elevator drops down and crashes to the basement floor. As they step out of the elevator, the basement has the appearance of a graveyard in a desert setting and Ms. Bigelow hastily tells Spencer that he got the job, making him dance excitedly. Spencer excuses himself right before an apparition of a skull appears next to Ms. Bigelow and makes her collapse in fear.

Spencer calls out to Billy, who frightens him by materializing out of a headless statue. Spencer praises Billy for the house’s effects and gingerly asks him to change it back, and Billy is incredulous that Spencer thinks it’s his doing. When Billy expresses uncertainty over what’s going on, Spencer calmly asks him to explain everything that happened up until the house changed. As Billy recounts, Spencer points out to him that Billy’s fear must be causing the house’s effects. Suddenly, a zombified Adrian appears and throws his briefcase at Spencer, who explains to Billy that the only way to stop the effects is for Billy not to be scared, which Billy is doubtful can happen. Adrian then approaches Spencer who, upon recognizing Adrian, tells Billy that he knows Adrian to not be scary. Adrian continues pursuing Spencer and the latter unsuccessfully attempts to fight back. Spencer tells Billy to think of something happy, which Billy is still unable to do as Adrian seizes Spencer. Upon seeing the monstrous Adrian’s face up close, Spencer gets an idea. He pulls out his phone and wrenches himself free of Adrian’s grip, jumping up onto the statue next to Billy. Spencer then uses the snaggletooth app to amuse Billy, whose laughter causes the scary effects to recede away and the menacing aura from before to fade away completely.

Adrian and Ms. Bigelow get up, both disoriented, and exit the house. Spencer notices Billy inside a frame on the wall and quickly pulls him out of the wall while he’s no longer scared. Spencer then runs to meet Ms. Bigelow outside as she’s leaving and asks her about the job. She responds that what she witnessed inside the mansion has made her never want to work on horror movies again as she gets into her limo and drives off. Spencer is at first disappointed and Billy sympathizes with him, but Spencer then expresses enthusiasm that he and Billy scared Nancy Bigelow herself out of the horror industry. An annoyed Lolo then walks by leading a terrified Adrian along and scolding him for acting like he’d “seen a ghost.” Billy and Spencer then excitedly open up the Cobra mansion haunted house to guests.