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Jane Wright is the maternal figure of the Wright family, the mother of Spencer and Jessica, and Hugh Wright's wife. She is well known among Beverly Beverly High School PTA because she has an aptitude for cooking.

Her voice actress is unknown due to vague crediting, though it's possible Teresa Gallagher voiced her due to her sounding similar to Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball in some scenes.


Jane can be both a very accommodating and a subtly dominant person. It is usually her commands, as a mother, that seem more authoritative than Hugh's. In addition, she usually does whatever she wants with her family's hair, often experimenting with hairstyles on Hugh. However, in Principal Ponzi's presence, she is more subservient, constantly making food for him so he won't kick Spencer out of Beverly Beverly High.

She is determined on gaining fame. When faced with the opportunity to become famous in Reality Showdown, she seized it extremely enthusiastically, and even insisted that it doesn't matter what one becomes famous for (this was when confronted about becoming well-known as a criminal).

Jane appears to be somewhat laid-back for a parent, treating Spencer and Jessica more like young adults than children. Still, she doesn't trust them to be on their own - though she is more than eager to get into a water balloon fight without them - while she's away.


  • She can get somewhat annoyed by the more ridiculous paradigms of teenagers' antics. This is shown in School of Rockers, when she states rather irritatedly, "it's the hormones," during Spencer's talent show performance gone wrong.
  • One of her favorite past-times is styling her family's hair (even if they don't necessarily want a new 'do). She loves hair-styling so much, she wants to become famous for it.
  • She was the first non-Spencer member of the Wright family to mention Billy.