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Kleet Kleenerson is the resident Beverly Beverly Middle School jock, and the proud bully of Spencer Wright. As seen in Sports Hero, he is beloved by Principal Ponzi as a source of income (from sports scholarships).

His voice actor is Beardyman (Darren Foreman).


Kleet is not someone most people consider pleasant. His greatest joy in life comes from terrorizing Spencer Wright and generally ruining his life. Kleet is constantly seen beating up Spencer (who is usually not too hurt and manages to bounce right back).

Don't be so condescending, Spencer.

In addition, Kleet has many things handed to him on a metaphorical silver platter. He is pampered, by Principal Ponzi, so that he will bring in money from talent scouts recruiting him. He is also very popular, seeing as he is a jock. This makes him very sure of himself and eager to rub his undeserved good fortune in Spencer's face.

He is so horrible to Spencer that Mallory is moved to casually stand up against him when she sees him being wrongfully mean to Spencer. Unfortunately, she does not see him being mean very often.


  • Kleet performed a bodybuilder-esque flexing routine at the Beverly Beverly talent show.
  • His name is likely a pun based off the word "cleat", meaning a kind of sports shoe with little spikes on the sole to penetrate into the ground and prevent the wearer from slipping around on the field.
  • He never remembers all the names of "all the girls into [him]", as shown in The Uninvited.