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Little Billy is the twenty-seventh episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on May 11, 2013.


When Billy finds a miniature action figure of himself in a flea market, he puts ectoplasm on it as an alternative for hair gel and accidentally turns it into a voodoo doll. The situation is only made worse when Principal Ponzi gets his grubby hands on the action figure.


As the episode opens, Hugh is in the garage of the Cobra mansion welding something. Spencer and Billy walk over and Spencer asks Hugh what he’s making. His blowtorch briefly scares them and he explains that it’s a cake mold for Jane. He accidentally touches it with his bare hands, then screams loudly and thrusts his hands into a bucket of water, framing the situation as a shop safety lesson. Spencer says that Jessica informed him that Hugh wanted to speak to him, and Hugh reminds Spencer that Mother’s Day is only two days away. He reminds Spencer of what happened the previous year, and a flashback shows Spencer giving her the wrong box which contained one of his movie props and scared the whole family (as well as Billy). Spencer assures him that he knows exactly what to do for her.

In the next scene, Spencer is at an open-air market, saying that he has no idea what to do this year. Rajeev asks Spencer if his mom would like boxing gloves, and Spencer knocks them into Rajeev’s face and says no. Billy excitedly comes over, eager to show the two what he found, a small figurine of himself. Rajeev calls it a doll and Billy corrects him, saying that it’s an action figure. When Rajeev reads the back of the box and reveals that the figure’s hair can be styled, Spencer remarks that it will make a great present for his mom. Rajeev calls it a doll again, and Billy uses the figure to flick him in the face.

In Spencer’s room, he’s figuring out what to write on his mother’s card while Billy is styling the hair of “Little Billy” and sadly asks Spencer if he’s really going to give it away. Each time Billy tries a new hairstyle, the figure’s hair immediately reverts back to its default shape, frustrating Billy as he complains that he didn’t have an adequate hair product for styling the figure’s hair. He shakes the figure around and Spencer tells him to be careful with it. As Spencer leaves to get an envelope for the card, Billy gets an idea for how to make the hair stay in place.

Spencer is about to go to school, and Billy says he’d rather stay home with Little Billy, but Spencer puts the figure in his backpack saying that it will be better off with him. Billy follows him and grumpily floats along as Spencer rides his bike. As Spencer does some jumps on his bike, Billy is thrown around. When Spencer rides over bumpy pavement, Billy gets bounced up and down. In the school hallway, Kleet sees the figure sticking out of Spencer’s backpack and grabs it. He and another boy throw the figure back and forth, and Billy is thrown around as well, Spencer not noticing as he tries to retrieve the figure. Eventually Principal Ponzi catches the figure and pockets it when Spencer protests.

In his office, Ponzi shows Lorenzo the figure and inputs a code in the bookshelf against the wall, causing the bookshelf to slide aside and revealing a small room behind it. In the room is a table with a model of Beverly High and figures of all its students. Ponzi plays roughly with Little Billy and the real Billy (now in class with Spencer) is thrown around once again. Spencer takes Billy into a supply closet and asks him what’s going on. Billy isn’t sure and talks about being thrown around in the hallway while Spencer was chasing after Little Billy. Spencer makes the connection that whatever was happening to the figure might be happening to Billy. He asks Billy what he did with the figure and Billy casually reveals that he used some ectoplasm in the place of the hair gel that came with the figure. Spencer reminds him that ectoplasm is basically “liquid chaos” and Billy says that he forgot. Suddenly Billy’s hair starts rapidly changing and the two realize that Ponzi must be doing something with Little Billy and Spencer drags Billy out of the closet with him.

Ponzi, still playing with his figurines, places Little Billy in front of a model pottery kiln. Spencer and Billy sneak into the main part of Ponzi’s office, looking for clues. Lorenzo starts squawking and Billy silences him. Spencer hears Ponzi talking from behind the bookshelf. Billy goes through the wall and sees Ponzi putting Little Billy in front of the kiln, terrifying him. Billy starts to melt and calls out to Spencer for help. Spencer finds the keypad on the bookshelf and tries to figure out the passcode before entering Lorenzo’s name and succeeding. Spencer sees Billy melting and spots Little Billy right as Ponzi knocks it further into the kiln. Spencer quickly swipes the figure away from the kiln before realizing that it isn’t hot and the model kiln only had a small lightbulb inside. Ponzi demands to know what Spencer is doing, but Spencer gestures to the model school and asks him the same thing. Spencer agrees to keep it a secret in exchange for Little Billy, which Billy holds close and kisses and he and Spencer leave, after which Ponzi continues playing with his figurines.

Back at the Cobra mansion, Spencer gives Jane the Billy figurine and she instantly loves it. Billy assures Spencer that he got all of the ectoplasm out, but Jane activates the small hairdryer that came with the figurine, affecting Billy in real life, upon which he reveals that he thought he got it all out as the episode ends.