Rajeev Bugwatti
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The Jeevster.
Biographical Attributes
Age 14
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Relatives Shanilla (sister)
Other Attributes
Voice Actor Rasmus Hardiker
First Appearance Scaring Mallory

Rajeev Bugwatti is a school friend of Spencer Wright, and, through Spencer, a friend of Billy Joe Cobra's. He has a sister named Shanilla.

Thanks to one of Billy's old belts, he is one of the few people who can see Billy.


Unusually, Rajeev appears to be generally ignored by his classmates at Beverly Beverly High School.


Rajeev is a very good friend of Spencer's. He is pretty much there whenever Spencer calls for him, and will stick up for Spencer if Principal Ponzi is being publicly cruel to him. Consequently, he is willing to help out his friends if it doesn't conflict with his desire to not be bruised by Kleet or anything else he might find important.

He is often seen assisting Spencer with his horror movie productions. He also offered to be Spencer's date for an awards show. However, it seems Rajeev does all these things for his own benefit, and not because it helps out Spencer.

That's not to say that he doesn't care about Spencer - he just has other priorities. He does find it within himself to occasionally try and assist Billy with understanding Spencer, likely for the better of the friendship.


Billy and Rajeev seem to get along fine, as Billy helped him to use The Song to win Lolo's heart (without success), but when Spencer is away they don't really connect on their own. In contrast, the two of them have a lot in common, such as their shared love for dipping sauce and jeans shopping, but still don't feel comfortable alone in each other's company.


Rajeev seems to be on friendly enough terms with Shanilla. They have a very typical brother-sister type relationship, complete with bickering and mild teenage snark.

Lolo CalorieEdit

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Anything to impress Lolo!

Rajeev can be noted for his tremendous and obvious crush on Lolo Calorie, the richest girl at Beverly Heights. At school, he frequently tries to flirt with her, only to get rejected time after time again.

When Lolo proves especially impervious to his romancing attempts (constantly), he gets Billy's or Spencer's help in wooing her. It never works due to Lolo's perpetual lack of interest.

He likes Lolo so much, he is willing to put on a whole Bollywood-esque concert performace for her and temporarily abandon Spencer and Billy for the chance of spending time with her. It is unclear what exactly he likes about Lolo that makes him so head-over-heels in love with her.

Rajeev was overjoyed to hear that Lolo "doesn't really hate [him]...somewhat", indicating that perhaps Lolo somewhat enjoys his advances.


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Soulfully playing the alphorn in the distance.

Rajeev does not appear to have any particular interests. It is uncertain what he does in his spare time when he isn't at school, helping out Spencer with his movies/problems, or hitting on Lolo.

However, he does have a penchant for crossdressing, and takes it so seriously that he prides himself on making sure every single one of his outfits are "in season". Rajeev also seems to like getting attention, which is probably why he acts in Spencer's films and crossdresses.

He told standup comedy during the Beverly Heights talent show rather well, but all of it involved making fun of Principal Ponzi and his flaws, so he didn't have any chance of winning.


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  • Lolo does not seem to know about Rajeev's crossdressing tendencies, merely thinking he's weird because of his advances.
  • As seen in Billy's Achilles, Rajeev knows how to play the alphorn (though he seems to struggle with blowing into it for extended periods of time).