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Rock 'n' Home is the nineteenth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired March 3, 2013, along with Ghost Mascot.


Hugh and Jane agree to leave Spencer home alone for the weekend after he promises to prove that he can act responsibly. But when Billy tells Spencer he knows a world-class cleaner who can tidy up any mess, the two friends decide they’re free to party like maniacs and trash the house. But when Hugh and Jane cut short their trip, and the cleaner is nowhere to be found, is Spencer headed for trouble? Or will Sam Hoover unintentionally come to their rescue?


At the Cobra Mansion, Jane is presenting a punching bag for Jessica to try out. Spencer and Billy are revealed to be watching as Jane encourages Jessica to hit the punching back harder and harder until Jessica kicks it hard enough to knock it into Jane. Spencer remarks that Jessica is ready for the Cage Fighters of Tomorrow competition. Billy says that he’s ready for a weekend with no adults around telling him what to do. Spencer says that no one ever tells him anything like that, and Billy realizes that he was thinking of Spencer being told those things instead.

Hugh comes down the stairs holding luggage and on a phone call saying “that’s terrible” before hanging up and announcing that he and the others can’t leave for their trip because their sitter canceled. Jessica angrily demands that he get another sitter, to which Hugh replies that he only trusts one sitter. Jessica punches the punching bag and leaves a hole in it. Spencer laments to Jane that he was told he could stay home alone that weekend, but Jane reminds him how Hugh feels about that sitter, and Hugh joins in reminiscing about how she used to take care of him. Hugh asks Spencer what the problem with her was, and Spencer recalls a flashback of her dressing him up like a baby and putting him to bed then cries out in protest. Billy then asks him if he's going to accept the turn of events or fight for their right to party. Spencer perks up and walks up to his parents asking if that weekend could be a test of whether he can be responsible enough to stay home on his own and that if he failed they could go back to having a sitter, begging on his knees when they don’t respond at first.

Hoover is then revealed to be using a microphone listen in on the conversation from his van outside the mansion. The scene cuts back to Spencer continuing to beg before Hugh decides that they’ll “give it a try.” Spencer and Billy cheer loudly enough to break the microphone Hoover was using to listen to them. The next scene has Hugh in the car telling Spencer not to touch his tools before driving off. Once they leave, Billy places a lemur on his and Spencer’s heads, calling them “party lemurs.”

Spencer walks into the kitchen to find Billy pouring some kind of liquid into his dad’s cement mixer and tells Billy off, reminding him that Spencer was not to touch any of the tools. Billy responds by saying that only Spencer was told not to use the tools, not him, and insists that there’s no better way to make his “Cobra concrete smoothies.” He puts on some music and continues adding ingredients before turning on the mixer, causing the smoothie mix to fly out all over the room. Spencer then takes the controls from Billy’s hands and tells him that the party’s off. Billy is disappointed and Spencer attempts to clean up the mess while reminding Billy that he will have to go back to having a sitter otherwise. Billy then assures him that he’s got it covered, introducing Tidy Ted, the contractor who used to speedily clean up after all the messes Billy made when he was famous, and saying that he still had the number. Spencer reminds Billy that sometimes Billy tells him things that don’t turn out to be true, but Billy shows him the lifetime contract and encourages Spencer to turn the living room into an indoor bobsledding course, to which Spencer happily agrees.

Madame X is shown informing Hoover that Spencer’s parents are away and that now is his chance to capture Billy. Hoover however cannot hear her, as his microphone being blown out is revealed to have damaged his hearing. Madame X then shouts at him through his headphones, once again hurting his ears.

Back inside the house, Billy builds up the bobsledding course and he and Spencer go sliding down it before the sled crashes through the window and into the pool, which is revealed to have been filled with jelly by Billy. Billy then fills the lounge with water to use as a swimming pool while Spencer installs a diving board and jumps off it into the water before Billy does the same. Spencer’s ringing cellphone then floats over to him in a suitcase. He answers asking his mom how the competition was. He then learns that Jessica was disqualified for fighting with the judge and tells her that he’ll see her soon before hanging up. He suddenly realizes that they’re coming home early and the house is still a mess before pointing out that now would be a good time to call Tidy Ted.

Spencer calls and Hoover answers the phone. Spencer asks after Tidy Ted who cleans up after popstars, and Hoover realizes his chance and replies that he’ll be right over before hanging up and searching for a disguise. Spencer walks into Billy playing drums in the lounge-pool and tells him what Hoover said. Hoover rings the doorbell as Spencer goes to answer, saying that it’s unlocked, but Hoover can’t hear him. Hoover then forces the door open, grabs his ghost containment unit and steps inside before a large pile of objects collapses on him. Billy and Spencer unbury him and realize that “Tidy Ted” is actually Sam Hoover, spotting his ghost containment unit. Spencer remarks that Hoover must have intercepted the phone call and was very close to capturing Billy, to which Billy smugly celebrates Hoover's defeat.

Spencer then calls the real Tidy Ted and informs him of a mess at Billy Joe Cobra’s mansion that needs cleaned, but Ted declines on account of his contract with Billy being specifically a lifetime contract that is now over. Spencer tries to tell Billy this, but Billy doesn’t understand what he means at first. Spencer begins to panic before blaming the entire situation on Billy. The two argue before Spencer sucks Billy into the ghost containment unit, releasing Billy once he cries out. Billy angrily takes the unit from Spencer and threatens to use it on him. Spencer is confident that it won’t work before Billy adjusts the settings and successfully sucks Spencer into it. Spencer bursts out and asks Billy how he did that, and Billy answers that he just fiddled with it. Billy then uses it to suck up a pile of junk from the floor. Billy exclaims that the device is better than Tidy Ted and Spencer says that they’re saved.

The two use the ghost containment unit to suck up all the messes they made and place things back in order as Spencer’s parents pull up to the house. The two briefly celebrate their success before realizing that Hoover is still in the house. Billy then sucks him up into the ghost containment unit and throws it out the window into the trash can out front. Hugh and Jane step out into the garage and Spencer greets them, asking where Jessica is. Jane says that she’s “on her way” which turns out to mean that Jessica was arrested. Jane asked how everything went and Spencer tells her that it was fine as she leaves through the elevator. Hugh then calls Spencer over to his mixer and points out that the cord was coiled by a left-handed person, indicating that Spencer must have touched it even though he was instructed not to. Spencer tells him that he used it to patch potholes in the street and Hugh forgives him, saying that he went a little crazy as a teenager too. Jane then returns in the elevator asking why the pool was filled with jelly, to which Spencer has no answer. Later, a garbage truck picks up the ghost containment unit with Hoover still inside as he grumbles that Madame X will be “most displeased” with him.