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"I'm sure Madame X will give you all the ice cream you want when you're living in a jar in her basement!"
Sam Hoover


Samuel Hoover is Madame X's personal henchman, as well as the central antagonist towards Spencer Wright and Billy Joe Cobra. His mission is to capture Billy in his Ghost Containment Unit and add him to Madame X's collection of BJC memorabilia. Fortunately for Billy and Spencer, Sam is not a very good kidnapper.

His voice actor is Steven Kynman.


Sam is a bumbling, short, awkward little man who is a incredible jerk face obedient to Madame X. Almost every move he makes is done with intent to capture Billy and bring him to his boss. He does not appear to enjoy his job, but he is most certainly dedicated to delivering the optimum outcome.

However, Sam Hoover is not necessarily a heartless minion. When he spends some time with Billy as his friend, he expresses regret at having to kidnap him afterward. In addition, he is a huge fan of Jonah Tyler Taylor, and was eager to attend his concert on his day off. It seems that he's only so devoted to capturing Billy because his biggest priority is Madame X's satisfaction.


Poised and prepared to capture a certain pop star's ghost.

Sam never seems to get a day off. He always has his trusty Ghost Containment Unit on him in case Billy Joe shows up in his area, and wears Billy's underwear over his clothes at all times so he can see him. He needs the preparation. He really isn't very good at his job because Billy manages to escape whenever he is caught, every single time, without fail.

To try and get better results out of him, a furious Madame X might put him on an exclusive cat food diet, yell at him, and generally make things bad for him. This doesn't help and only serves to shame Sam. He doesn't like Madame X's treatment, but for some reason he remains devoted to his job anyways.


  • Cat food doesn't agree with Sam.
  • His favorite song appears to be JTT's cover of Billy Joe Cobra's song, "You Love Me, I Love Me More".