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The one and only Shanilla.
Biographical Attributes
Age 14
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Relatives Rajeev (brother)
Other Attributes
Voice Actor Larissa Murray
First Appearance Billy Joe the Scholar

Shanilla Bugwatti is a friend of Spencer Wright's who goes to Beverly Beverly Middle School with him. She occasionally gets involved in Spencer and Billy's shenanigans, often acting as their foil. She is Rajeev's sister (much to her dismay).

Shanilla is one of the few people lucky enough to be able to see Billy due to her possession of one of his bracelets.

Shanilla's voice actress is Larissa Murray.


People at Beverly Heights don't really seem to pay attention to Shanilla. Likewise, Shanilla doesn't really seem to pay attention to them.

She appears to be a good friend to Spencer and Billy. When she hangs out with them and Rajeev, she is generally respected (not as much by Rajeev as Spencer and Billy, but he is her brother, after all). Shanilla seems to be more loyal to her friends than Rajeev.

Spencer WrightEdit

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Shanila sitting next to the aptly disguised Spencer.

Shanilla is especially amiable towards Spencer, due to her crush on him. In Billy Joe the Scholar, she was more than willing to abandon logic and reason to defend Spencer (along with his mistreatment of Billy). When given one of Spencer's socks in The Ghost of Spencer Wright, she rubbed it against her face as if she wanted to cherish it. And when Shanilla saw Spencer in his freshly ecto'd state, she was visibly upset by the prospect that he might have died in order to become a ghost. (In contrast, Rajeev seemed more confused than anything.)

However, she does not seem to fawn over him as much as Rajeev fawns over Lolo. When Lolo fell in love with Spencer after hearing him sing a song and made him be her boyfriend in Lolo In Love, Shanilla wasn't shown to be upset. She is more capable of keeping her crushing in check. (Don't get the wrong idea, though. She is a teenager, after all.)


Shanilla is a very grounded girl, even more grounded than Spencer is. Because of these no-nonsense tendencies, she is less prone to getting caught in mischief the way the boys are. However, if Spencer asks her to help out with something, she will be there regardless of how ridiculous or dangerous the situation is.

It can be inferred that she is a good student due to Principal Ponzi's general tolerance of her. She is also evidently a good friend, seeing as Billy and Spencer treat her with great respect.


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    "He's so cute when he's sleeping!"

    As seen in Billy's Achilles, she is very good at assembling furniture according to instructions.
  • One of her fantasies involves (presumably) Spencer text messaging her every day, telling her that she is the prettiest girl in the entire school.
  • As shown in The Candidate, she seems to know something about computers, as she was focused and confident when attempting to hack into Lolo's computer.