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The Candidate is the twenty-fifth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on May 4, 2013.


When Lolo runs for class president, promising to put Spencer and his friends in a “loser trailer” if she’s elected, Spencer decides to run against her. He uses his filmmaking skills to try and sway the voters, but Lolo keeps outwitting him with her dirty tricks. And when Shanila and Billy try to beat Lolo at her own game, they just make matters worse. Are Spencer and company bound for the loser trailer?


At Beverly Beverly High, Spencer, Rajeev, and Shanilla watch in the auditorium as Principal Ponzi introduces Lolo as a candidate for class president. Lolo says that if elected, she will have all the “losers” of the school relocated to a trailer shown in a slideshow. As Lolo walks by Spencer and his friends, she implies that they will be the ones sent to the “loser trailer.” Spencer wonders who would vote for Lolo, but Shanilla informs him that she’s the only candidate because no one is brave enough to run against her. Lolo overhears as Spencer declares that he’ll run against her and plans for campaign videos, getting Adrian to film him. Billy and Shanilla agree to help Spencer, but Rajeev is reluctant to participate in a campaign against Lolo.

In the cafeteria, Spencer pulls up a projection screen and announces that he will be showing a campaign message. He signals to Billy, who uses his mind to turn off the lights. Spencer’s video utilizes zombie special effects and impresses the students, prompting them to applaud. Suddenly, everyone gets an alert on their phone. Spencer asks what’s going on and Billy swipes away Kleet’s phone so that Spencer can see. Lolo is revealed to have cut together footage of Spencer talking that makes him seem like a bad candidate. Adrian films Spencer as he proclaims that the video isn’t real and is obviously edited, and another video immediately shows up where he appears to say the opposite. Shanilla tells Spencer that if Lolo can play dirty then he can too, but Spencer is confident that he won’t need to. When he walks away, Shanilla and Billy agree that he doesn’t have a chance if he goes for his own approach. Shanilla suggests that they get revenge on Lolo without letting Spencer know so that he will have “plausible deniability.”

Shanilla and Billy attempt to sneak into Lolo’s private quarters. The vault door turns out to be voice activated. When Shanilla first tries to mimic Lolo, it doesn’t work, but then when she yells at it the way Lolo would, it opens. They go inside and Shanilla attempts to hack into Lolo’s computer, but Billy sets off the security system and the vault door begins closing. Shanilla makes it out in time and Billy at first believes that she’s left him in there before he remembers that he can phase through the door.

In the cafeteria, Spencer shows another campaign video as Billy switches off the lights manually after failing to use telepathy. His film portrays Lolo as a monster, infuriating her. The students applaud and Spencer assumes it’s for him, but it turns out they believe that Lolo was actually playing herself as a monster in the video and they praise her acting skills.

That night at the Cobra mansion, Spencer remarks that although his last campaign video wasn’t successful, the one he’s editing will be, and Billy pretends to agree with him. When Spencer goes to sleep, Billy signals to Shanilla to sneak into his room so they can conduct his “genius” plan. Billy puts Spencer and his bed into the elevator and sends them away, then reveals that his plan is to trash Spencer’s room and blame it on Lolo. As he proceeds to do so, Shanilla points out that Billy’s plan doesn’t make any sense, but Billy doesn’t want to hear it and continues wrecking things. Spencer wakes up on the roof of the mansion and screams. Back in his room, Billy is trying to explain that Lolo had several guys come in who attacked him and tied him up. Spencer asks how they saw him and Billy can’t come up with an answer. Spencer then discovers that his computer has been wrecked and laments that he’s lost the edit of his movie. He yells at Billy for messing things up and declares that he gives up on trying to win against Lolo.

The next day at school, Spencer goes to approach Lolo, who promptly begins insulting him and suggesting that they pre-emptively declare her the winner. Spencer then loudly calls her out for mistreating everyone in the school because she thinks she’s better than them, which she isn’t. The students overhear and begin chanting Spencer’s name. Lolo walks away angrily as Billy pulls up in a garbage truck with Spencer’s face plastered on the side and dumps the garbage on Lolo. The students abandon Spencer and go to dig her out, glaring at him angrily as Spencer tries to claim his innocence. When Billy reveals himself to be the culprit, Spencer yells at him again.

In the auditorium, Ponzi declares Lolo the winner of the election. Lolo says in her acceptance speech that she sympathized with what Spencer said when he called her out, but that she intends to keep her original campaign promise. She sentences everyone other than herself and her friends to the loser trailer. Billy implies that he won’t be joining Spencer in there and wonders what he’s going to do all day without him. Rajeev tries to insist to Lolo that he’s supposed to be on her list, but ends up in the overcrowded trailer with everyone else.

In the cafeteria, Lolo’s friends try to sit with her, but she insists on eating alone. Billy then places a sombrero of his on her head so that she can see him and appears before her in Mexican attire offering for her to be his new “daytime friend,” but she becomes frightened and runs away screaming that the school is haunted. She and her friends run out the door, disappointing Billy. When Spencer, Rajeev, and Shanilla see him at school the next day, Spencer praises him for having scared off Lolo so that they could come back to school. Billy doesn’t know what he means at first, but then realizes what Spencer is implying and remarks that he’s always thinking of his friends and never himself, causing the others to roll their eyes at him. Lolo and her friends are in the trailer and when one of them complains, she snaps at them to get used to it since they’re not going back into the “haunted” school.