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"Two guys, one butt?"
Billy Joe Cobra

The Ghost of Spencer Wright is the seventh episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired February 10, 2013, along with Axe Maniac.


Billy turns Spencer into a ghost.


In the garden, Billy is "helping" Spencer make a movie for his Hugh's birthday, to be shown at a barbeque later that day. Spencer wants a shot from a bird's-eye view of the house, so he sends Billy up with the camera. Billy drops the camera and while Spencer scrambles for it he manages to catch it. Then Hugh enters, pushing a cart with something covered by a sheet. He removes the sheet and reveals a barbeque, unassembled of course, which he plans to cook the birthday meal with. Spencer explains he is trying to get a shot for the birthday movie, and his dad is happy to leave, saying he "always loved the birthday movie". 

In his room, Spencer checks the shot on his computer. Unfortunately, Billy had forgotten to take the lense cap off so there is nothing but a black screen. Billy says it's Spencer's fault for not reminding him to take the cap off, and if he is so bothered he should just fly up and take the shot himself (which he obviously cannot do). Spencer has an idea, and asks Billy for some Ectoplasm to make him able to fly. Billy rubs it into his hair, and to test it out Spencer jumps off his sofa. It doesn't work, so he lands and the floor and takes the Ecto out of his hair. He tries to give it back to Billy, saying he will sort things out after school, but Billy throws it back to him, saying he doesn't want it. They throw the Ecto at each other but Billy eventually missed and Spencer accidentally swallows it. His hands goes transparent and he puts it through the sofa, and it is revealed he has turned into a ghost. He floats around his room, until Jessica  comes in to tell him to go to school. She can't see him as a ghost and leaves on her own.

To Be Continued.......

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  • This is the last episode to be aired on Disney XD Turkey before its shutdown on January 31st, 2021.