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The Sleepover is the forty-eighth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on September 29, 2013, along with Ponzi's Got Talent.


Spencer, Shanilla, and Rajeev wake up to an odd sight at a spring sleepover event at Beverly Beverly High, everyone has fallen asleep...but not in their sleeping bags. Pondering the strange predicament of everyone seemingly having been knocked out, they realize Billy is nowhere to be found. Will our intrepid heroes find Billy before Ponzi's morning attendance check?


Spencer and his friends wake up from being knock out at the spring filng but billy is no where to be found did billy go or did hover kidnapped he'm so they went to go find he,m they went to hover they he said they better have 100000000000000000000000$ or it jarvill for ghostboy then when spencer backpack start ringing Then he finds Lorenzo has a phone tap to him then when spencer anwser it ponsie then when hover drive off he don,ts have billy the morgen dad is billy