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The Soapies are a group of three girls, Dorine, Florine, and Morine, who attend the Beverly High School and are also in the cheerleader squad.



Dorine's eyes are black. She has tanned skin and long, dark purple hair with a pink ribbon holding back her bangs. She wears a blue t-shirt with a pink star, a white skirt, and blue matching shoes.


Morine is a girl with green eyes. She is the shortest, possibly the youngest of the girls. Her hair is a peach color tied up in a ponytail. She has pale skin with freckles and her lips are a dark red. Her clothing consists of a dark purple dress with a pink M on it, knee-high pink socks and purple dress shoes. She also wears a purple heart necklace.


Florine is the tallest girl. She has dark skin with black, curly hair. She wears a pink headband, a white/pink dress that reaches her knees. Her shoes and lipstick are the same color and her eyes are a bright blue.


The Soapies are not that different from each other. All three seem to have the same personality. They are often seen hanging out with Lolo Calorie and sharing the same table. In line with Lolo, they are also not really nice to those seen as losers. Despite this, all three girls seem to have a liking for Spencer Wright, and are not particularly loyal to Lolo either, laughing at her when Spencer and Billy cover her with food in A Place In the Sun.

These girls seem to be the typical popular girl-group, having interest in shopping, make-up and the usual life-style. In True Party, Dorine revealed that she read a book once, earning her a shocked gasp from her friends, but she added that she didn't read it all the way through. All in all, the Soapies could be described as stereotypical fashion-girls who despise low students and learning.