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The Uninvited is the twelfth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on February 17, 2013, along with Pool Monster.


When Jessica develops a crush on Kleet, the bully is welcomed into the Wright household, much to Spencer's dismay.


Billy is jamming out on his guitar in Spencer’s room when Spencer steps out of the elevator wearing a zombie mask, scaring Billy. Spencer laughs and asks Billy what he thinks of the mask, and Billy changes the mask to look like his face. Spencer informs him that the mask is for a horror movie and Billy insists that the mask is too good-looking for that, suggesting it be used in an “action bro-mance” instead. He starts making suggestions when Spencer hears Kleet’s voice from outside and becomes worried. Spencer and Billy look out the window to see Kleet on the pool deck and rush down there, Spencer demanding to know what Kleet is doing there. Jessica then comes by and says that she invited Kleet over and that they met at the “Beverly Heights Academy of Muscle Excellence.” Kleet praises Jessica’s athletic ability as she rubs tanning lotion on him. When Spencer gets visibly angry, Billy suggests they just ignore Kleet and focus on making his movie. He wonders aloud who his co-star should be and flips through a portfolio of photos. While he is distracted, Kleet purposely bumps Spencer into the pool and Kleet and Jessica laugh at him. Billy shows Spencer one of the photos, which turns out to be of an old lady, which Billy innocently explains as a “phase” he went through.

At the WiFri, Rajeev is holding the mask of Billy’s face and asking what role he’ll be playing in Billy’s movie. Billy informs him that he’ll be playing a ninja trying to save the world. Spencer notices Kleet playing on a nearby arcade machine as Jessica gives him a duffel bag full of clean clothes that she washed for him. As she goes to leave, Spencer blocks her path and tries to warn her to stay away from Kleet. Jessica only smugly insists that he’s jealous of her for having a cool boyfriend when he can’t get a date and “sits in his room talking to himself.” When she walks out the door, Rajeev tells Spencer that she’s not wrong, then sheepishly remarks that he was only kidding. As Kleet walks by, Spencer asks him if he’s really interested in Jessica. Kleet says that he only sees her as a groupie and enjoys the “VIP treatment” but because he now knows that Spencer doesn’t approve of them being together, he was only going to hang out with her more with the purpose of annoying Spencer. Kleet then knocks Spencer into a wall. Billy asks Spencer if he wants him to mess with Kleet, but Spencer declines, sure that his parents would never approve of Jessica being with Kleet.

Back at the mansion, Spencer and Billy stare incredulously as Jessica and his parents enjoy themselves while Kleet lifts the couch they’re sitting on. Hugh questions why Spencer never invited him over since he’s so fun. He then asks Spencer to help Kleet move all the furniture out of the room so that it can be made into a home gym. They and Kleet then inform him that Kleet designed a workout routine for the family and that he’ll be over every day to oversee it. Kleet suggests a family activity, but then laments that he has to help Spencer, upon which Hugh insists that Spencer can move the furniture by himself. They then tease Spencer for not being athletic, enraging Spencer. Kleet and his family members leave the room and Billy (in his cheer outfit) appears to be following them, much to Spencer’s chagrin. Billy explains that he doesn’t like Kleet but that Kleet’s suggestion of “touch football” sounded fun.

Spencer attempts to push a piece of furniture while Billy lays on it. Spencer suggests that Billy could be helping him, which Billy insists he’s doing by “supervising.” Spencer then flips the piece of furniture over. Billy remarks on Spencer being cranky, and Spencer explains that it’s because of Kleet and that they had to find a way to get him out of the house. Spencer then suggests multiple sinister plans for getting rid of Kleet, all of which Billy is noticeably hesitant about. Billy once again suggests ignoring Kleet and focusing on his movie, and when Spencer says they won’t be making it, Billy assumes he’s joking.

Spencer and Billy emerge from the elevator to Spencer’s room to find it full of steam and Kleet lounging on the bed. When Spencer demands to know what’s going on, Kleet explains that he made the room into a sauna. Spencer yells at Kleet to leave and Kleet says he’s going to shower before dinner. Spencer is once again very angry and Billy tells him to relax until he sees that the mask of his face has melted, distorting the image. Billy cries as the mask disintegrates. When Spencer tells him not to be upset just like Billy was doing to him a moment ago, Billy says to forget that idea and that Kleet had to be taken down.

At the dinner table, Billy attempts to make Kleet spit and sling food everywhere and then appear guilty, but the Wrights only insist on making it into a food fight, shocking Spencer and Billy as they look on. The two are then sitting on the pool deck, trying to come up with ideas. As Billy starts to suggest a sinister plan, he is interrupted by Kleet coming down the water slide and splashing them. Spencer annoyedly asks Kleet if he’s getting bored, which Kleet says he’s not since he’s messing with Spencer and that there were infinite ways he could do so. Jessica then arrives to give Kleet a “meat smoothie,” to which Kleet responds “thanks babe.” Spencer remarks how Kleet calling her babe was driving him crazy and Billy questions whether Kleet even knew Jessica’s real name, elaborating on how when he was famous he would call people by similar nicknames if he didn’t know their real name. Spencer suddenly gets an idea and takes Kleet’s smoothie from him, arguing that he should thank Jessica properly by using her name. When he still only calls her “babe,” Jessica is sure that he does know her name, to which Kleet reveals that he couldn’t be expected to remember the names of all the girls who were into him. When Jessica realizes that he actually doesn’t know her name, she is infuriating and starts beating Kleet up, martial arts kicking him all over the house before throwing him out the door. Hugh asks what’s going on and supports Jessica although reluctantly. As Kleet begins to leave, Billy snatches away his swimsuit, causing Kleet to run for shelter while attempting to cover himself with a plant.

Later, Spencer is filming Rajeev in character as a ninja. Rajeev says that he will get revenge on whoever messed up his face, taking off his ninja mask to reveal that he is wearing the half-melted Billy mask. When Spencer calls for a cut, Billy praises him for coming to the compromise of making both a sci-fi horror like Spencer wanted and a movie about him like he wanted. Rajeev happily expresses that he gets to use his ninja sword and wildly slings it around, unwittingly slashing the Billy mask to pieces in the process. Upon seeing what he’d done, Rajeev attempts to run away as Billy is visibly angry. Spencer tells Billy to relax, but Billy lets out a scream of rage as the episode ends.