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Three's A Crowd is the forty-fifth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on September 28, 2013, along with Cheer Up.


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Spencer leaves to head to a camera focusing seminar for two whole hours, leaving Billy and the Rajeev to hang out together! At first, they were both totally against it, but then they found out they had a lot in common! Things start getting a bit crazy after Rajeev and Billy start treating Spencer like a third wheel including him almost leaving for two years!

Billy said that the reason he hangs out with the Rajeev is because of Spencer being there with him, Billy also said is that it's like Spencer is the lunch meat, Rajeev and Billy are the two breads And without Spencer it won't be a complete sandwich. When Billy mentioned that it means that without Spencer, Billy and Rajeev wouldn't get along.