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True Party is the seventeenth episode of Dude, That's My Ghost! It aired for the first time on March 2, 2013, along with Phantom of the Popera .


When Rajeev worries that his birthday party will be a social failure unless he can do something really special, Spencer offers to throw a party on Billy’s private plane. With Lolo doing her best to sabotage it, Ponzi turning up as an accidental stowaway, and pilot Billy freaking about damage to his precious decor, the party is starting to look like a disaster. And that’s before the autopilot breaks and Billy has to admit he doesn’t really know how to fly.


At the WiFri, Rajeev is on a phone call and learns that a yacht which he was planning to have a party on has sunk. When Spencer and Billy hear about what happened, Spencer offers to throw Rajeev a party and Rajeev is very grateful, telling Spencer that it has to be good as he announces to everyone at the WiFri that Spencer would be throwing his party. Billy asks Spencer if he’s sure about what he’s doing, pointing out that all the kids were “party royalty.” Spencer comes up with the idea to have the party of Billy’s private jet. At Beverly Beverly High, Spencer and Rajeev pass out flyers for the party. Rajeev attempts to give one to Lolo, but she throws it in the trash. When Lolo overhears that some other girls plan to attend the party and that they think Spencer is cute, she is determined to not let Spencer get any positive attention and gets Adrian to dig her invitation out of the trash.

As Spencer welcomes Rajeev onto Billy’s private jet, Billy tersely tells Rajeev that the plane had better not get messed up before leading the two to the cockpit. Outside the plane, Principal Ponzi and his bird Lorenzo are looking to board a plane on the same air strip as the jet, but Ponzi gets disoriented and boards Billy’s plan instead, heading straight for the bathroom as the party guests arrive. Lolo and Adrian, disguised as flight attendants, follow in after them. They attempt to make the guests uncomfortable and hide away at the back of the plane when Rajeev emerges from the cockpit and encourages the party to start. Billy is still unsure as to whether his plane will be treated with respect, but Spencer assures him that he wrote the house rules on the invite, even as an empty cup is thrown in their direction.

Spencer and Billy go back into the cockpit to get the plane flying. Billy shows Spencer the autopilot which will do all the flying work for him and can hear him because it’s wearing a hat of his. The plane takes off and Lolo once again tries to disrupt things, but Spencer unwittingly stops her and the celebration begins with everyone dancing. Ponzi emerges from the bathroom, but goes back in once he sees what’s happening. A food fight shortly ensues, making Billy freak out and rush around to tidy things up, which Spencer passes off to the stunned guests as “turbulence.” He then confronts Billy and pulls him back into the cockpit, saying that he’ll take care of things.

Lolo tries to tell the guests that they have to party with their seatbelts on. When Rajeev tries to stop her, she gets Adrian to tie him up and close him into the luggage compartment. With their seatbelts now on, the guests remark that the party has become lame. Rajeev dangles down from above and reminds them that Spencer is the one throwing the party. Lolo then gets Adrian to put Kleet’s underwear in front of the vent and turns up the air, causing the cabin to smell awful. She then plays folk music over the speakers, making all the guests whine. Ponzi then emerges from the bathroom and start playing the pipes along to the song, only making the guests whine louder. Spencer notices from the cockpit and asks Billy about his cabin crew, which Billy informs him he had fired. Spencer then realizes that it must be Lolo and Adrian and bursts into the cockpit. He removes the underwear from the vent and throws it at Lolo, removing her and Adrian’s disguises. Lolo and Adrian unsuccessfully try to jump from the plane and Spencer gets the party going again.

In the cockpit, Billy becomes bored and turns off the autopilot to practice his “loop-de-loop skills” and the party guests begin tumbling all around the cabin. Spencer comes back in and demands to know what Billy is doing and to turn the autopilot back on, upon which they realize that autopilot is broken. Spencer learns that Billy can’t fly the plane himself and the guests overhear him panic and begin to do the same. Ponzi goes into the cockpit and tries to fly the plane but breaks the controls. In the cabin, Lolo, believing that she’s going to die, confesses to Rajeev that she doesn’t hate him completely. As Billy attempts to fix them, air traffic control contacts the plane and Spencer asks them for help landing the plane. Billy grabs Ponzi’s pipes to replace the throttle and successfully lands the plane.

On the ground, Spencer apologizes to Rajeev for things going awry, but Rajeev and the guests are pleased with how the party turned out. When Lolo tries to remind them that the plane nearly crashed, Rajeev says that it was a good thing because Lolo told him how she really felt about him. Lolo claims that she was lying and storms off as the party guests laugh at her. Spencer apologizes to Billy about his plane and Billy is surprisingly calm about it, which turns out to be because he had an even better plane than the one they used.