Dude, That's My Ghost! Wiki

my name is christi. some call me inquisitive. others call me insufferable. i call myself "benevolent overlord of the wiki".

i like the color orange, the number five, and pondering the important questions in life such as "will the sun's radiation cook your brain if you stay outside for too long?", "why is there so much yaoi in the google images results for 'dude that's my ghost'?", "how long can i put off doing the dishes before my mom gets angry?", "am i female spencer wright?", and "will i grow a mustache if i put hair oil on my upper lip?".

are you reading an article on here? i probably worked on it! as one of the admins for dtmg wiki, i do a lot of article making and expanding! i could use a lot of help since i still have a lot to cover for this wiki, and incredibly little manpower on hand!

so keep on adding to the wikia!!!!! let's make this wikia better than tvtropes!!!!!