I've Applied To Adopt This Wiki

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I don't know if they will let me become an admin of this wiki, but I just thought I should let everyone know that I've submitted that application so that if it does go through it won't be a shock.

Anyway, this is in response to the fact that all the admins are inactive and the one who was active for a bit was just vandalizing. There are a lot of pages on this wiki that do legitmately need deleting, and some of the formatting is messed up. Right now, I've been making typo pages serve as redirects to the correct pages, but as an admin I would be able to delete them proper. I also struggle to see how I could fix some of the CSS issues on this wiki without admin access (the front page is not editable by normal users, for obvious reasons).

So yeah, there's a glimpse into my plans for this wiki if I do get admin access. Questions? Concerns?

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