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ConsumerOfAwesome ConsumerOfAwesome 16 April 2021

Front Page

I'll be doing some edits to the front page, so bear with me if it looks bare bones right now. The templates use inline styling which is totally unnecessary considering people with access to editing the front page should also be the kinds of people to have access to our global CSS style sheet, so that's something I want to fix.

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ConsumerOfAwesome ConsumerOfAwesome 31 March 2021

Development Page

I did not mean to protect the Development page. I'm really not sure how that happened. It should be open to edit for anyone who has an account, but I'd really appreciate if someone could log in and confirm that for me.

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ConsumerOfAwesome ConsumerOfAwesome 13 September 2019

Hey Everyone!

Hi everyone,

I am a lot busier due to college, so I have not been active here a lot.

Even if I was not busy...I don't know what edits I should be making other than the big changes I want to make if/when I become an admin.

Are there any things you've noticed that you would like changed? It can be things only admins can do or just something you think a dedicated non-admin user can take care of.

I happily await your feedback. :)

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ConsumerOfAwesome ConsumerOfAwesome 24 August 2019

Weird Comments

There are so many weird comments on this wiki. I hope admins have the ability to delete comments, so that when I become an admin I can delete them.

I will definitely be deleting "Ectofeature" comments. This is because Spencer and Billy are related, and Billy is an adult while Spencer is a high-school aged kid.

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ConsumerOfAwesome ConsumerOfAwesome 13 August 2019

I've Applied To Adopt This Wiki

I don't know if they will let me become an admin of this wiki, but I just thought I should let everyone know that I've submitted that application so that if it does go through it won't be a shock.

Anyway, this is in response to the fact that all the admins are inactive and the one who was active for a bit was just vandalizing. There are a lot of pages on this wiki that do legitmately need deleting, and some of the formatting is messed up. Right now, I've been making typo pages serve as redirects to the correct pages, but as an admin I would be able to delete them proper. I also struggle to see how I could fix some of the CSS issues on this wiki without admin access (the front page is not editable by normal users, for obvious reasons).

So yea…

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