Dtmg walk this way

Walk This Way is a YouTube short where Spencer takes a tour of his house, but is constantly interrupted by Billy.


Start with Spencer waving and saying he'll try on the video, then comes Billy waving and talking about himself. Spencer then introduces his family and says as they are, but then is interrupted by Billy when he takes the camera and float with Spencer, to what he explains to his family that are special effects. While Spencer shows the corridor, Billy steals the camera and shows a picture of him but Spencer takes it away and says that he'll show his studio, then excited Billy says Studio. Although Spencer still holding the camera, Billy take it and quickly fly to the studio, rolling Jessica and throwing to the pool.


When they reach the studio, Billy says there is where he recorded some of his biggest hits and starts singing Where Have I Been (All Your Life) with duplicates of himself. Then he takes Spencer and continues singing when the video ends closing image pointing to Spencer's face, but then ends with Billy approaching what is left of the picture to him and winking.


  • Billy shows he can duplicate himself.
  • When Billy shows his picture, it is of him in his ghost form, but he should've been alive when the photo was taken.
  • The short was removed from the official Disney XD YouTube account for reasons undisclosed.