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First premiering in "School of Terror", Mr. Minotaur is the principal of Brevard High School, the rival school of Beverly Beverly High School. He is very strict and disciplinary to all his students and has a great grandfather who had invented the receipt, making him super rich and also claiming it allows him to do what he wants.

A tall, muscular man who acts like a drill sergeant (something he might have once been) Minotaur took over Principal Ponzi's job after Spencer Wright had gotten him fired as payback for distracting him while he was trying to study for his midterms.

Minotaur is often quoting his idol, legendary school administrator, Lamuel P. Gompers, and follows his code to the letter. However, a goofier side of Minotaur was also seen when he discovered that Spencer was being "haunted" by a ghost, when it was really just Billy Joe Cobra bothering him. Minotaur is an avid ghost-hunting enthusiast and spent the majority of the episode trying to ward off or capture Billy through various means (cheese poncho, ghost locator spray, ghost net, phantom rope, etc.). It turns out that Minotaur is way worse than Ponzi, probably because Ponzi lacks the authority to do anything without facing financial issues.

Eventually, Spencer and Billy come up with a plan to rid of Minotaur and get Ponzi back. Billy shapeshifts into Lamuel P. Gompers while Spencer gives Minotaur one of Billy's hats, so that he could see him. Billy just barely manages to convince Minotaur to go to Antarctica to check out the high schools there and get Ponzi back, to which Minotaur begrudgingly agrees to.

Minotaur reappears in "Cheer Up" as the cheerleading coach of the Brevard Sloths cheerleading squad. He and Ponzi had struck up a deal that whomever won the cheerleading competition would have to give up something special to them: Ponzi would have to give up his toupée while Minotaur would have to give him Bocals, the five-toed sloth that serves as Bervard's school mascot.