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The exterior of the WiFri.

The WiFri is a casual restaurant, not far from Beverly Beverly High School. It is used as a hangout spot by Beverly Heights students, though it is also used for events and special occasions.

Spencer Wright often spends time there with Billy, Rajeev, and Shanilla, whether he's out in the outdoor eating area or indoors. Mallory and Lolo have been spotted there, but not explicitly hanging out with them.  


The interior of the WiFri.

The interior of the WiFri notably contains a stage, a secluded hang-out spot with a couch and a table, a counter where food is served, and a second-floor balcony. There is also an outdoor eating area, but nobody seems to eat there.

The entire place is big enough for a concert, as seen in Phantom of the Popera. However, most of the time, the place is fairly sedate and empty, excepting a few customers now and then.

Kid-friendly fare is served at the WiFri. Carbonated, sugary fountain beverages and cheese fries are just some of the selections available to most customers. 


  • The name WiFri is a parody of the word WiFi.